A warehouse is more than just a building holding inventory, it’s the lifeline of business, commerce, and success—and we understand that. It’s why we have warehouses located across the country and each is organized to help your business save money and time, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Why Are G&W’s Warehouses Right for Your Business?

Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, we have plans, tools, and services that will help you perform all tasks—from the most basic to the most complex. Our full-service offerings mean our warehouse operation supports and works in synergy with inventory control to ensure your business succeeds.

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Support at Multiple Locations: Your business may need support at various locations and we are built to do exactly that. Our nation-wide warehouse locations help to not only stock inventory close to where it is needed, but it also offers local inventory monitoring, easy receiving, and pick up or quick transfers from location to location. Our business is designed to work for your business.

Advanced Technology for Inventory Tracking: Our state-of-the-art technology means there is a central tracking system that manages inventory at a single warehouse or multiple warehouses. Whether it is picking or packing, receiving, or reconciling, your employees will have real-time information about products that are stocked in our warehouse.

Automated for Accuracy: We provide you comprehensive, automated solutions to ensure inventory count accuracy. We provide product counts associated with specific locations and our advanced auditing capabilities give you accurate stock audit reports. We know your business needs are unique, which is why we will customize our automated system to meet your requirements with minimum effort from you and maximum benefit for your business.

Casting: If you’re looking for quality castings with lead times less than a week all at competitive pricing, we’re your answer. What separates us is our ability to inventory castings for you in our 300,000 sq. foot warehouse, cutting down lead times, and cost for our customers.

G&W caters to companies across industries and sizes—from small business to Fortune 500 to government agencies—and we’re proud to work with each to fulfill their unique needs. Our warehouses are just one of the many services we offer. Learn more about our full offering and global presence.

We help businesses grow while bringing down costs. Contact us to find out more about what we offer your business.

We have warehouse in:
Creamridge, New Jersey
Alexander City, Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
Sauk Village, Illinois
Houston, Texas
Auburn, Washington
Ontario, California
Innisfil Ontario, Canada
Worcester, Massachusetts