About Us


At G&W Foundry, our mission is to ensure the success of all our customers by being the most reliable supply chain management company for metal products.


G&W is an industry leader providing supply chain management, metal castings, ductile iron, sand castings, and a full portfolio of foundry services and products. It’s also a family business. In 1932, our dad started G&W by selling stove and spare parts. His reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity grew, and the business flourished. Now run by Jim and Dick Bruso, sons of the late founder, G&W Foundry has expanded into nationwide manufacturing network offering domestic and imported castings, supply chain management, tooling, foundry services, and design/development. Known for innovation, G&W was among the first to offer complete machined products, and we pioneered alliances with high-quality global manufacturers to optimize costs.

Our business model ensures the best quality at the best price, while enabling customers to deal with one US-based company.

A lot has changed since 1932, but a lot has not. We embrace the latest technology to do things faster, smarter, and better, but we retain our dad’s devotion to quality, service, and integrity.


G&W is more than a foundry. We are a full-service metal castings foundry company offering end-to-end product development, castings manufacturing, supply chain management, tooling, and design. From product design to order fulfillment, G&W is a guaranteed source for high quality, low cost, on-time industrial manufacturing with domestic and offshore sourcing options.

We serve a variety industries and customers from small family-run businesses to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Social Responsibility

G&W Foundry has prioritized social responsibility since we opened our doors. We uphold a high ethical standard while ensuring an inclusive work environment that respects all individuals and communities. Our commitment to social responsibility creates a positive impact on development, business, and society while empowering and affirming our team.

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