Inventory Control

Maximizing profits. Cutting costs. Improving cash flow. Just three of the many reasons inventory management is crucial to your business.

At G&W, our inventory management systems and processes are reliable, technologically advanced, and recognized as some of the best in the industry. As part of our end-to-end service, we can manage and track goods through a supply chain from purchasing to movement; from picking to shipping.

Why G&W?
Save Time and Money
We offer real-time cost savings with our integrated network of warehouses located throughout the country. Localization brings products closer to where you need them and reduces transit time and cost. This means your business has better access to products and can restock popular products within hours instead of days or weeks. Without inventory control inventory shipping can be as long as 4-6 weeks.

“They’ve really developed themselves as a one-stop solution provider to me. They bring it [inventory]
in and they stock it in their warehouse and then they deliver it when I need it.”
–       Inventory Control Customer

Increase Efficiency and Productivity
Whether you manage a neighborhood bakery or a big box chain, manual inventory control is not only time consuming and prone to human error, it’s not efficient. G&W offers automated inventory management that streamlines the process, eliminates hours of record-keeping and data entry, and makes your business more efficient and productive.

G&W also reduces excessive invoicing by providing a combined invoice once a month regardless of the number of shipments—from Iron to Machined to Off-Shore Casting, and Iron & Metal Foundry.

They do warehousing for us which is very helpful so we can keep the pipeline flowing, we can keep ahead [and] it’s important that we have a backup, that’s very much an added value. It’s important to us to know it’s a day away instead of half a world away.”
–        Producer of Valve Actuators

Improve Cash Flow
Our smart inventory management will help boost your cash flow by ensuring that cash is not tied up in holding too much inventory. With G&W’s just-in-time service, businesses can order inventory on an as-needed basis which means cash can be invested elsewhere. Additionally, unsold inventory is not taking up valuable warehouse space and unwanted stock is not left sitting in your warehouse.

We hold 4-5 months of our client’s distribution—unlike other companies that only carry 3 months’ worth of products. We also take on the full cost of inventory, rarely done by other companies.

You can also take advantage of the consignment program to hold inventory in your warehouse instead of a G&W owned warehouse. And, you can pay as you use the inventory so you’re not paying upfront for months’ worth of stock. We also help lower freight costs by splitting inventory into 10 small shipments. What we do is offer solutions to problems. Period.

G&W provides these unique services to ensure that you always have optimal inventory levels to move at the speed of business and our proven supply chain management allows us to do so.

“The reason I work with G&W is that they give me solutions. They don’t give me just a product. They’ve come up with a plan working with me where we’ve reduced inventory by about 20% which raises our working capital and they did that by thinking outside the box and being able to respond very quickly.”
–        Pump Manufacturer

We help businesses grow while bringing down costs. Contact us to find out more about what we offer your business.