At G&W Foundry, our mission is to ensure the success of all our customers by being the most reliable supply chain management company for metal products.

Our father founded G&W in 1932, initially specializing in stove and spare parts. Since then, we have grown to become one of the industry leaders in global manufacturing. Based in Massachusetts with facilities in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, G&W has been a key supply chain partner providing critical metal casting components, on time and in specification, to thousands of companies of all sizes.
We credit our success to both our steadfast adaption to new technology as well as our ever-present goal to combine expertise and ethics to deliver superior products to our customers.

Our strong background and experience has helped us continually deliver quality results to our customers.  In the 1970’s, G&W was among the first to innovate by offering complete machined products as opposed to raw metal castings. In the 90’s, G&W again proved itself to be among the industry leaders by establishing a network of strategic alliances with high quality, reliable manufacturers both domestically and in China. The result was G&W Global.

This highly successful business model offers all of G&W’s customers the advantage of having a global network which guarantees the lowest prices, unlimited production capacity, top notch quality control, and on time delivery while buying from a single U.S. based entity.

When you choose G&W Foundry, you are guaranteed to work with leaders in the industry. We will give you expert advice, and work with you to determine what is best for you. In an industry that is always changing, we can assure you that we will always be leading the way. Thank you, Jim & Dick.